L.A.I.T.  S.R.L. – Lavorazione Artigiana Imballaggi Trasparenti

What we do



The film is produced from the raw material (polyethylene bead) through the extruders which creates the film.
We produce low density polyethylene rolls, suitable for food contact.
According to requirements, thickness can be 30 my, 40 my, 50 my, 60 my and so on.

The roll can be:

  • single sheet
  • double sheet
  • folded sheet
  • tubular
  • microdrilled
  • thermoretractile


The material, polyethylene or polypropylene, is printed up to 8 colors.

The printing is flexographic.

Material Cutting

The cutter is suitable for the rolls’ rim trimming and for the material multiple cuttings, in case it is printed on more tracks.

Single Folding

The material is half or partially folded, ready to be welded or to be used on automatic packing machine.

Welding and possible hook application

The material is turned into a bag.

It is possible to apply also adhesive tape and one hook or to make drilling, euro holes and to apply one zipper (simple or backed).

Packaging and labeling

Every lot is duly packaged, strapped and labeled.

All process is monitored for traceability.